How To Determine When A Reversal Is Going To Take Place

by Tim@Forex Mentor Online

  • Learn How To Spot The Structure That Leads To Reversals Taking Place
  • Locate Reversals Without Using Any Technical Levels
  • Learn To How To Safely Trade Reversals

The key to profiting with Forex is knowing when a reversal is most likely to take place.

If you can do this you can place your trades in time and reap the rewards.

But how do you determine when a reversal is going to happen?

Believe it or not this is possible.

You see, I’ve worked with 100’s of traders over the years. And in my experience this is one of their biggest problems.

Finding places where a reversal has a high chance of occurring is simple and most traders can do it. But when it comes to pinpointing the exact moment it triggers they struggle.

It doesn’t have to be difficult because there’s a secret to doing this.

Most traders don’t know that every reversal occurs after a specific structure has formed.

This structure forms is because of the way bank traders have to place their trades…

…and it’s unmistakable once you’ve seen it.

And with this structure you can easily spot when a reversal might be starting.

Plus you can place your trades and make changes to trades you already have open, long before the actual event.

And in my new book, “How to determine when a reversal is going to take place” this is exactly what we’re going to cover.

What’s more you’ll see how to…

Locate reversals without using any technical levels.

Most traders use technical levels like supply and demand zones to determine reversals.

And while these are fine and work well they do have their limitations.

For example, you probably don’t know that old supply and demand zones don’t typically cause the market to reverse.

And what this means is that you can’t really use them to find out where a reversal may take place.

But because the structure always forms entirely from the current price action…

…all you have to do is learn how to spot it and you’ll immediately know that the reversal is about to trigger.

And once you can do this trading becomes easy.

Because the structure always contains the same features, you’ll be able to get your trades placed long before the reversal occurs.

This book is all you’ll ever need to trade reversals and make a profit with Forex.

It will show you how to identify them quickly and how to place your trades for maximum profit.

And by the time we’re done you’re going to know exactly what to do when seeing a reversal form on your 


When you order, “How to determine when a reversal is going to take place” you get:

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  • A complete guide on how to trade reversals with minimum risk.
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  • Plus a step by step walk-through for trading the structure and background information on the structure itself.

In addition to this, you also get a bonus book which shows how to gauge when a reversal is most likely to take place.

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How To Determine When A Reversal Is Going To Take Place

Tim is an part time trader in the world of Forex trading. He is a full time web marketing director and coffee enthusiast .

Author: Tim, The trader

How To Determine When A Reversal Is Going To Take Place

by Tim@Forex Mentor Online

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