1. Ken James

    Hello FMOL,

    In the GBP/USD Daily TF, how do you determine the Bank sell zone. Why isn’t that zone just a supply zone?


  2. Hardesh sharma

    Apart from forex if u can please add chart of crude that will be of great help as forex trading is still not legal in India .
    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful site …reading and trying to learn a lot from every word you pen down
    God bless you .

    • ForexMentorOnline

      Hello JC

      When you go onto pay-pal and purchase the books you will be taken to a page where you can download the books onto your computer. If you don’t get taken to the download page for whatever reason then you can contact me and I’ll send you the link to the page.

  3. Enio

    HI, was just looking at levels you marked, Usd/Jpy level on 1 hour chart you sayd to watchout for in particular,
    price came down and shot up to offer a 7:1 opportunity,
    Just curious as to why you believed that was a zone to watch , would love to hear your reasoning behind.
    Thanks in advance

    • ForexMentorOnline

      Hello Enio

      The reason I said to watch this zone was because I determined it to have been created by the bank traders placing buy trades. If you read my blog posts from last week and the week before you’ll see initially I thought the market was set to continue moving lower, it was only a few days ago where my bias shifted to that of a reversal like we saw on Friday

      Enjoy your weekend – ForexMentorOnline

  4. Clay

    G’Day FMOL

    I’m liking that small supply zone on EURUSD on the H1 chart, has had a nice fresh drop out of that RBD area. Good job mate!!

      • Alexist

        Thanks for fast reply 🙂

        *** this part delete please ***
        *** 1. I found this site from ForexFactory “Supply and Demand trading with Fibs” thread by deankenny21 user. Is it you? ***
        *** 2. Yours new book “How The Large Institutions Operate In The Forex Market” include information about trade with supply & demand zones?***

        • ForexMentorOnline

          No problem Alexist.

          As for your questions… not I’m not deankenny21 from forexfactory. I did notice some people had come to the site from a link that was posted on his thread but apart from that I don’t know anything about him and he has no affiliation with me an any way.

          The large institutions book contains information that will help you with your supply and demand trading, such as how to find out where the banks have placed their trades and stuff, but it’s not really a book about supply and demand trading itself, if that makes sense ?

    • ForexMentorOnline

      Because the banks want it to go down. Just because a buy zone had formed doesn’t automatically mean the market is going to turn upon reaching the zone, it just means there’s a point in the market where the bank traders may have got buy trades placed. We can’t be certain they’ve got buy trades placed at the zone until the market has broken a certain distance past the last point where they could have got a large number of their sell trades placed, which was the the swing high created on the 30th December. You can see the market broke through this high but not by a large distance, which means the high could have still formed as a result of the bank traders placing sell trades. When the market begins to drop back towards the buy zone, you wouldn’t try to trade the zone because you know the most recent point where the banks have got sell trades placed has not been broken, which suggests they’ve got more sell trades placed into the market. This doesn’t mean the market is going to break through the zone, it just means it’s not a good idea to trade it because you still can’t be sure why it’s formed in the market.

      We could still the market move up out of this daily buy zone. If it does the supply zone created by the drop which broke the 1 hour buy zone is the point you need to be watching for entries short as this supply zone is the most recent point in the market where the banks could have got a large number of their sell trades placed. If they want these sell trades to remain open and the market to continue falling they’ll have to come into the market and place more sell trades either before the market reaches the supply zone or when it enter the zone itself. Because if it moves a large distance above the zone, it’s a signal the zone and the drop probably hasn’t been created due to the bank traders placing sell trades as they wouldn’t let the market move such a large distance past the point where their trades have been placed if they planned on getting more placed into the market.

      Hope this helps Ole, got some new S+D articles coming soon which should make things more clear for you so watch out for them in the coming weeks.