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  1. hi forexmentor ,firstly i would like to thank you guys for such info that you are providing me with it really really helped me a lot and i am getting better and better on my analysis, keep on doing the good job God will award you guys big time for giving back hey thanks a lot.

  2. Anonymous

    I am sure, it will be really useful book. As previous ones. From my point of view, the Author is one of the best forex mentors.

  3. Will

    Thank you FMO for the recent E-book on retracements and consolidations.
    Solid, practical info on the inner workings of the money flow !
    Cheers, W.M

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks. I have been following all your teaching for the last few months and it has greatly enhanced my understanding of how the market works and most importantly given me an explanation for my losing trades. Understanding how not to lose or donate money to the big boys is crucial to staying profitable. Much appreciated