Weekly Supply & Demand Analysis For Nov 6 – Nov 10

Hello Traders

I hope you made it in the green last week.

In our last week analysis, a lot of levels worked very well giving us a lot of trade opportunities in lower timeframes.

Now let’s take a look at this week fundamental news.

With NZD and AUD central banks meetings, high volatility is expected on those 2 pairs.

Before we get into technical analysis and this week supply & demand levels, I want to mention this week I’ve included 1h levels as well because I got a lot of requests for that.

Also, I have cut this article into smaller pieces with navigation for each pair to make it easier to read for you J

Eur Usd

EUR/USD Daily Chart:

Nothing much has changed on the daily scale.The levels remain the same as last week:

  1. 1.17535 – 1.18365.

Next fresh demand zones on EUR/USD Dailly chart:

  1. 1.14780 – 1.15560
  2. 1.11730 – 1.12230

EUR/USD 4H Chart

Next fresh supply zone on the 4h EUR/USD chart seems to be:

  1. 1.18000 – 1.18370
  2. 1.16385 – 1.16935, this a fresh level created this week

Next fresh demand zone on the 4h EUR/USD chart seems to be:

  1. 1.14775 – 1.15260
  2. 1.11730 – 1.12230 (same as the daily demand)


EUR/USD 1H Chart

Next fresh supply zone on the 1h EUR/USD chart seems to be:

  1. 1.17510 – 1.17860
  2. 1.16385 – 1.16935

2nd zone, 1.16385 – 1.16935 is a freshly created supply. However it is 60 pips wide zone, the price could react anywhere between that scale.

Next week fundamental news

Yellen & Draghi speech could add some volatility to the markets next week.

Eur/Usd Trade Ideas:

1.16385 – 1.16935 is the next best possible area to look for shorts.

The current move is a strong bear move. Therefore there is a big probability of having the demand zones on HTF visited first this week rather than the supply zones above.

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