Weekly Supply & Demand Analysis For Nov 20 – Nov 24

Hello Traders

I hope you made it in the green last week.

Let’s have a look into this week upcoming fundamental news.

ECB,RBA,,FED & SNB presidents speeches may cause a lot of volatility on all major pairs this week.

Now let’s dig into supply & demand levels for this week.

Eur Usd

EUR/USD Daily Chart:

Eur/Usd is bouncing up very well from the daily demand zone of 1.14780 – 1.15560 which was mentioned in the last 2 weeks analysis.

Next fresh supply on EUR/USD Dailly chart:

  1. Nothing in the coming levels.See 4h

Next fresh demand zones on EUR/USD Dailly chart:

  1. 1.15560 – 1.14780 (Tested once, could hold more)
  2. 1.12230 – 1.11730

EUR/USD 4H Chart

Next fresh supply zone on the 4h EUR/USD chart seems to be:

  1. 1.18280 – 1.18610

Next fresh demand zone on the 4h EUR/USD chart seems to be:

  1. 1.16755-1.16380
  2. 1.15260 – 1.14775

EUR/USD 1H Chart

Next fresh supply zone on the 1h EUR/USD chart seems to be:

  1. 1.18365 – 1.18610

Zone 1.16385 – 1.16935 is the 1h level we mentioned last week therefore I don’t consider it fresh anymore but since price is in our supply zone it worth looking for shorts.

Fresh 1h demand levels on on the 1h EUR/USD chart:

  1. 1.17600 -1.17445 tested once…would avoid it.
  2. 1.16780 – 1.16615

Next week fundamental news

Yellen & Draghi speech could add some volatility to the markets next week.

Eur/Usd Trade Ideas:

Eur/Usd moved fast up from a strong daily demand mentioned in the previous weeks.It left a lot of unfilled orders for long traders…A good trade would be long @~ 1.16780 – 1.16615…if price goes to the supply mentioned above before visiting the demand zone first, I would avoid longs at @1.16780 – 1.16615 zone because price may visit the source of the upmove once again (Daily Demand)

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